Repair Services

Going Above and Beyond

If issues arise from functional failures or critical tool repair needs, our global Service Centers deliver expert support backed by 130+ years of expert tooling knowhow.

• Benefit from Cleco Care's high-throughput Centers, ensuring expedited equipment restoration within days, not weeks, minimizing operational disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
• Cleco Care's unwavering dedication to partners is evident through our global commitment to consistent, standardized maintenance procedures. Trust Cleco to swiftly restore your production line, keeping your operations running smoothly.
• Take advantage of Cleco Care's Preventative Maintenance Program to extend the lifespan of your tools and prevent assembly line downtime. Our data-driven system prepares you for potential failures, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Talk to an expert today about adding a Preventative Maintenance Program today. 
Repair & Calibration

Choose Cleco Care for Exceptional Support:
- Repair & Refurbishment
- Upgrades & Retrofits
- Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
- Service Plans
- Testing & Verification


Service Centers

Our Commitment to Service spans the Globe

Cleco Care® prioritizes our partners' success with reliable, standardized maintenance procedures aimed at quickly restoring your production line for prompt resolution of functional failures and critical tool repairs. Our global commitment means reliable support to get your production operations up and running without delay.

Find Your Nearest Cleco Care Center

Cleco Care is committed to providing service and support programs globally. Utilize the map below to locate the Cleco Care Center nearest you.


Service Center Locations


Cleco Care is committed to offering service and support programs to our customers around the world. Use the map below to find the authorized Cleco Care Center nearest you.


map showing cleco global service centers

Contact A Cleco Care Service Center

Need to get in touch? Below is the contact information for our seven Cleco Care Service Centers around the globe.

The Americas

2630 Superior Court
Auburn Hills, MI 48236

United States

670 Industrial Drive 

Lexington, SC 29072 


Tel.: +1 (800) 845 5629 

Tel.: +1 (919) 387 0099 

Fax: +1 (803) 358 7681 

S. de R.L. de C.V. 

Vialidad El Pueblito #103 

Parque Industrial Querétaro 

Querétaro, QRO 76220 


Tel.: +52 (442) 211 3800 

Fax: +52 (800) 685 5560 

Ind. Com. Ferram. Ltda. Av. Liberdade, 4055 

Zona Industrial Iporanga 

Sorocaba, São Paulo 

CEP# 18087-170 


Tel: +55 15 3238 3870 

Fax: +55 15 3238 3938 

Europe | Middle East | Africa

Industriestraße 1 

73463 Westhausen 


Tel.: +49 (0) 73 63 81 0 

Fax: +49 (0) 73 63 81 222 

Platanfa u.2

9027 Györ


Tel: +36 96 66 1383

Asia Pacific

2nd Floor, Area C 

177 Bi Bo Road 

Pu Dong New Area, Shanghai 

China 201203 P.R.C. 

Tel.: +86 21 60880320 

Fax: +86 21 60880298 

Gala No. 1, Plot No. 5 

S. No. 234, 235 & 245 

Indialand Global Industrial Park 

Taluka-Mulsi, Phase I 

Hinjawadi, Pune 411057 

Maharashtra, India 

Tel.: +91 020 66761111 

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