Lexington, South Carolina—June 27, 2016—Cleco®, a brand of APEX Tool Group, introduces its new TULMan Electronic Counter, a universal product designed to effectively manage pneumatic tools. The electronic counter allows users to monitor tool usage, and implement preventative maintenance. 

The TULMan Electronic Counter enables maintenance intervals or calibration checks to be set based on cycles or run time. A yellow LED light warns when the cycle or run time limits are near, while it turns red when cycle or run time limits have been reached. The electronic counter can also allow users to track tool usage or compare product usage among different operators to improve productivity and processes.

“Our industry is centered around making data-driven decisions to increase productivity and workflow,” said Kevin Myhill, Senior Product Manager, APEX Tool Group. “The TULMan Electronic Counter allows users, for the first time, to receive this data from their small pneumatic tools and make educated decisions to improve production efficiency and enhance tool usage.” Featuring a universal design, the TULMan Electronic Counter can be used on any pneumatic tool with up to 20cfm air flow, regardless of the manufacturer.

The TULMan Electronic Counter comes with free downloadable software that provides programming tools to establish cycle time, warnings, and limits. The software also allows file downloads in CSV format to easily share data. With multiple password access modes, the software can easily be used among multiple tool operators.

The connection is a micro USB for easy program setup and data download. The micro USB access also has a tamper-proof cover to ensure safety.

The TULMan Electronic Counter is ideal for a variety of applications, including calibration and monitoring of pneumatic assembly tools, as well as material removal using hand drills, sanders, grinders, and polishers.


For more information on the TULMan Electronic Counter, visit ClecoTools.com or email Susan Spalding, Director Global Marketing Communications.

About Cleco® Assembly Tools

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Cleco was founded in 1894 as Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Cleco’s expertise is the culmination of 120 plus years of delivering assembly tools and systems for a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy, aerospace, and general industries.  For more information visit www.ClecoTools.com

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