Lexington, South Carolina—July 25, 2017—Cleco® Production Tools, has launched NeoTek, a new line of corded electric assembly tools engineered to deliver one million cycles maintenance-free which is more than twice today’s industry standard.

NeoTek exceeds the industry’s most demanding assembly requirements by combining over 50 years of experience with smart technology delivering a durable system that is ergonomic, scalable and traceable.

“NeoTek will allow businesses to significantly increase their return on investment,” said Bob Heisner, Global Vice President, Marketing. “Solutions that improve productivity and decrease system and maintenance costs are in high demand.”

The lightweight, ergonomic design along with fully programmable features such as high-output LED light rings, audible alerts, and handle vibration, create a better user experience that leads to decreased operator fatigue and increased productivity.

“We designed these new tools to improve the operator’s experience and exceed industry standards,” said Adrian Hetzel, Product Manager at Cleco Production Tools. “The tool body is light and smooth with a handle designed to have multiple controls without being inconvenient to the operator.”

The centerpiece of the system is the Cleco mPro400GC-Hybrid Controller, which features a large touchscreen with an easy-to-use software interface. Programming can be done directly from the unit or remotely from a PC using provided license-free software.  “Another great feature is the dual analog and digital controller that supports legacy models,” said Hetzel.

Hetzel added, “The use of digital communication from tool to controller reduces the number of tool cable conductors from 28 to 8, significantly decreasing cable diameter and reducing weight by half.”

The NeoTek 30 Series and 50 Series Right Angle Tools and the Hybrid Controller are the first tools to get introduced as part of a complete portfolio of cordless electric assembly tools that is set to launch over the next year.

Key features of the NeoTek Corded Electric Assembly Tools include:

  • Long life tool cable, controls, and planetary and angle gears – 1Million cycles maintenance-free
  • 21% lighter than existing tool family – Cable weight reduced by 50% over existing cable
  • Configurable LED light rings with audible alarm, two-stage start switch and vibration notification
  • Industry leading 2.0 Cm/Cmk +/- 7%
  • Ability to add on accessories
  • Quarter-turn twist-lock cable

For more information, visit www.clecotools.com/neotek