Cordless Assembly Tools

Power and speed with increased portability

Count on Cleco cordless assembly tools when mobility is essential.

Cleco cordless assembly tools are designed for maximum mobility. Cleco offers the ability to run up to 16 cordless assembly tools from one global controller, a savings of up to 50% over traditional systems. Cleco Cordless nutrunners have been designed to provide wireless connectivity in manufacturing environments. The flexibility of a wireless tool in safety critical applications can greatly improve operator productivity.


The smartest tool for the toughest environment.

The new CellCore™ cordless assembly tools are smart, durable and designed to withstand the toughest environments. The lightweight ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue while delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance. A large user interface makes it quick and easy to program rundowns on the tool without a controller. CellCore puts you in control with cordless assembly tools that are easy to handle, and hard to break.

LiveWire 2 application

Cleco’s LiveWire™ 2 tools are stronger, lighter, and long lasting.

LiveWire™ 2 tools perform up to 1700 rundowns on a single battery charge and can run up to 500,000 cycles between maintenance. The second generation of LiveWire 2 tools is lighter than the original, has a compact design, and still maintains the same operator-friendly interface and precision performance you’ve come to know from Cleco. 

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