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General Questions

Square drives smaller than 1/2" utilize a retaining ring system only. Square drives larger than 1/2" utilize a retaining ring AND through-hole for use with a socket retaining ring.

Nearly all expander rolls are sold in roll sets unless otherwise specified.

We do offer some repair kits, but most repair items are sold individually. Refer to the service manual for your Cleco tool for more detailed information on rebuilds and repairs. You can look up a digital service manual using the model number in the downloads section of

Product Troubleshooting

When you find that you are not reaching max torque on your Cleco clutch or stall angle nutrunner, check the spring installed in the tool to ensure its capable of reaching the desired torque target. Also, check the incoming air supply by using a T-fitting with an air pressure gage to ensure the tool is receiving 90 psi of air with the tool running at free speed. This can also be attributed to the method of checking the torque which may be best covered by a call to our Technical Support team. You can reach them by filling submitting the "Technical Questions" form on our Service + Support page or calling them directly at 1-866-569-9449.

Most common Cleco Dotco tools come with a 1/4" collet. The style of collet depends on the model number of your product.

  • If your model number ends in "01", your tool has a 200 Series collet (Part Number 208).
  • If your model number ends in "36", your tool has a 300 Series collet (Part Number 308PT).
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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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