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Automotive manufacturing solutions that maintain line efficiency without compromising safety and quality.

Cleco is trusted by the world's leading automobile manufacturers to keep production on time and lines running smoothly. Our corded electric nutrunners, cordless assembly tools, and fixtured assembly solutions are built to withstand the demands of high-volume motor vehicle assembly while maintaining critical quality and safety standards.

Cleco's extensive product portfolio ensures you will find the right tool with zero trade-offs between production efficiency and safety. We have the right tool for your safety-critical, quality-critical and functional assembly applications...

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Leading Tier One Supplier Converts to CellTek and Boosts Operator Satisfaction
In the context of supplying quality automotive parts for final assembly, maintaining a consistent…
vehicle plant
Leading US Car Manufacturer Enhances Worker Safety and Work Traceability with Cleco Solutions
A top car manufacturer was using Cleco DC inline corded assembly tools, paired with Cleco…
Tire spindle assembly
Tire Service Provider Uses Cleco Spindles to Reduce Load on Workers (and Robots!)
A leading tire service provider relies on advanced technology machines to facilitate swift tire…

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Download Our Catalog

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