Software Solutions

Custom Software Engineered for Your Business

The Cleco® Software Solutions Suite includes six major modules that can be operated independently or combined to meet your company’s unique business needs. Each module has specific features and benefits designed to configure, control and optimize production.


Production Manager

 store and graph relevant data from assembly and production equipment, regardless of manufacturer.


Application Manager

Monitor all products’ performance to specification, with real-time analytics and maintenance for fastening operations.


Quality Manager

Collect production and quality data as validation or verification of a process. Analyze all processes to be performed, and contain, confine, guide, and remedy potential problems before flawed products leave the assembly plant.


Health Manager

Use events and service functions to drive process changes, operator behavior, product re-programming and predictive maintenance. Store hardware or software errors as a part of the diagnostic process.


Dashboard Manager

Use a common view for all ATG modules and business processes, or create a customized display for managing plant operations, both on-site and remotely.


Solutions Toolbox

Enable multiple protocols, differing technologies and products to work together in the production environment, with a standardized platform.


Our Software Suite experts will work with your company to choose the best software package for your production demands. Following software integration, our support team is available for technical support and assistance.


For more information on Cleco's software solutions, contact us.

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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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